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Conklin Master Contractor - Weavers Roofing and Construction LLC

Weaver’s Roofing & Construction L.L.C. is a Family owned and operated business that is committed to honesty and integrity. Customer satisfaction has always been our goal. Weaver’s Roofing & Construction L.L.C. is committed to using only the best products in the roofing industry, and we believe with the Conklin roofing systems uphold the highest standards in the industry. Conklin is the innovator in acrylic coatings that began in 1977 and we know Conklin has never compromised any of there products. There are over 2 billion square feet of Conklin roofing systems applied - some well beyond their warranties.


Conklin Roofs Light Reflectivity

These systems offer highly reflective energy star ratings blocking up to 84% of the suns UV rays which results in saving you money. All our roof warranties are non-prorated, and 100% leak free, and can be renewed with a simple re-coat at the end of the initial warranty.

As partners in business me (Eldon) and my son (Jason) are committed to answering your calls and giving you the best answer we can to best supply your needs. It is our goal to get your job done in a timely manner and to be there for our customers when they need us . We also do free roof inspections, and free estimates.
Call anytime; Eldon at (765) 776-1774 or Jason at (765) 776-1113.